Everything you need to know about Contraceptive Pill

People know that the contraceptive pill is used for preventing unwanted birth, and it affects body adversely. In fact, its side effects can be seen even 6 months after the pill was consumed. However, it has several benefits too and doctors prescribe birth control pills for several menstruation related problems including irregular periods, cramps, menstruation related skin diseases like acne, oily skin and spotting.

Doctors say that with these benefits several modern women have started consuming birth control pills for their profit. While explaining the benefits of the drug, doctors said that it leads to lesser menstrual cramps, lighter periods, easier PMS apart from contraception.

Doctors further said that the few women believe that the contraceptive pill prevents anemia, as it leads to lighter and controlled periods, which in turn leads to less blood loss. However, it is a myth. Also, the birth control pill does nothing to prevent mood swings which many women experience during their periods.

Besides several benefits, many side effects are also associated with the contraceptive pill, with irregular menstrual cycle being the most prominent side effect. Doctors explained that the birth control pill is made up of synthetic hormones and once injected in the body it messes with the natural menstrual cycle. Thus, it is advised to take the pill only if prescribed by the gynecologist.

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