Europian project, StratoClim to be continued in ACARR, Kerala


Stratosphere and Troposphere Radar Centre (S&T) of Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cusat) will organise an expedition on climate change in which 26 European institutes will participate. This air expedition is a part of StratoClim project in which a Russian high altitude geophysical research aircraft M-55 Geophysica will conduct research in the high region above Kerala. The main aim of the project is to make predictions of stratosphere with the view of protecting life on Earth.

Prof. K Mohan Kumar, director at Cusat Radar Centre, in a statement, announced “The Advanced Centre for Atmospheric Radar Research (ACARR) of Cusat will organise a series of climate expeditions using M-55 Geo-physical. The plane, which is capable of reaching an altitude of up to 21, has flight duration of up to five hours. The project, envisaged to collect stratospheric data, is expected to create a dynamic model of the atmosphere, enabling scientists to predict climate change for the coming decades.”

ACARR is another name for Radar centre at Cusat. Upper Stratosphere and Troposphere (UTS) are analysed and understood in the European research project, StratoClim. The aircraft will be used as it has such instruments that will answer to all the questions about the Asian Monsoon, as the season is to be studied, the aircraft will fly over Kerala in Monsoon of 2017.

The key process of the project can be achieved by an integrated approach bridging observations from dedicated field activities, process modelling on all scales, and global modelling with chemistry climate models (CCMs) and earth system models (ESMs). The composition of the UTS can be known by governing its chemistry and radiative properties. The ratio of water vapour, ozone, aerosol will be obtained and the affects in climate due to change in these factors will be observed.

After making the model with improved climate the policy makers will be given information that is relevant to policy through various means.

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