Europe and USA join hands to stop Ukrainian bloodshed

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Ukraine has been a sight of bloodbath with Vladimir Putin’s platoon attacking it and trying to take control over things. USA has held its hands back up until now to provide for arms and ammunitions to Ukraine in order to not tar its relations with Russia.

But in a meeting ending in stranded relationships with Russia, USA has finally decided to help Ukrainians and provide the arms and ammunitions for it being a particular case, and a lot of lives have been at stake.

Since the issue is mostly about Europe and Ukraine being in Eastern Europe, France and Germany are also trying to help as much as they can. German Chancellor Angela Merkel along with French President Francois Hollande are intending to visit Vladimir Putin in Moscow and discuss terms to end this violence.

Although there had been rumors that they intend to offer more territory to Russia to which Merkel has cleared the air saying that she would never do such a thing, and they are just going to mend things between Russia and Ukraine. They are going to make him realize that more than 5000 innocent lives have been lost, and over hundreds of thousands have been displaced from their homes because of this Ukraine-Russia issues.

The details of this peace plan hasn’t been revealed, but a temporary truce has been published stating civilians to leave Debaltseve, at the heart of the current fighting. Russians apparently denied that they are not sending in troops to fight alongside the rebels in the eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions, but Ukrainians have another story to uphold.

These mutinies have affected and changed the lives of many just because a few people weren’t ready to stand up to Russia, afraid of becoming a target themselves. However, it’s high time that this tyranny is ended for Ukraine.

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