Engineers create pre-programmed silk with hidden powers for the first time ever

Engineer create pre-programmed silk with hidden powers for the first time ever

Biotech engineers from Tufts University, USA, have produced a material, made up of silk protein, called Silk Fibroin, which is programmed with embedded electronic systems. This material is capable of changing its colour with the specific application of mechanical limits like stress, tension and thermal properties. The material even changes its colour to indicate thermal change and detect infra-red wavelengths. A number of medical tasks can be performed by optimising this pin structured silk protein.

The material is formed from silk protein, by using a water-based fabrication method, which is controlled by protein self-assembly mechanism. The engineers have successfully extracted a three-dimensional bulk material out of this silk fibroin. Silk Fibroin is the protein which is responsible for producing durability in silk. As liquid based material is not suitable to use in embedded system, researchers manipulated this material with water-soluble molecules, which have given this material multiple solid forms. With an absolute range of nano to micro scale, this material is embedded and pre-designed to perform certain medical tasks and gives users mechanical outputs.


Science has shown its new edge this type, when engineers from Tufts University, successfully created a pin structured material which is capable of performing certain medical tasks. Embedded systems are the forefront of technology. This material is pre-programmed and embedded to perform medical tasks at mechanical outputs. When mechanical pressure like stress or compression is applied to this material, it changes its colour, once the pressure crosses its threshold tolerance. The change in colour helps to detect infrared rays and temperature changes. The material is also capable of protecting other biodegradable materials, as the fibroin found in its structure are insoluble in nature.


The crystalline structure of this material, makes this silk, one of the toughest man-made material. Ever since robotics came into consideration, embedded systems have become the forefront of modern technology. And with the invention of this material, medical science is wholesomely taken under embedded world.

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