Botanic Gardens Could be a ‘Best Hope’ For Endangered Plants: Study

Chicago Botanic Garden

In a study, scientists found that a third of all known plants is conservated by world’s botanic gardens. Botanic gardens also help in conservation of 40% of endangered species. According to the scientists, botanic gardens are the key to save the plants whereas one in five of the world’s plants is in a danger of extinction.

As per the detailed study, the aim is to target and protect the unique and unusual plants whereas the study recorded above 100,000 species of plants grown in botanic gardens. Each year approximately 500 million people visit botanic gardens. Not only these gardens help in conservation but also remains visitors attraction. Also, botanic gardens are a centre of learning and also lead the important research work.

Dr. Paul Smith, Secretary General of the charity Botanic Gardens Conservation International, said that this is for the first time a study carried out a global assessment to see the wide range of plants which are grown, maintained and conserved in the botanic gardens. So it is easy to find out that what is missing from the garden.

In the opinion of Dr. Smith, Botanic gardens should grow which other gardens or experts haven’t grown before ever. The gardens maintain a collection of plant diversity in seed banks and living collection.

In inventory species, tropical plants were represented whereas primitive plants, i.e. mosses were lesser in number when compared with alluring specimens such as lilies and orchids.

A study published in the journal ‘Nature Plants’ recognized gaps between the botanic collections of above 1,000 institutions. The gardens which are situated in Northern Hemisphere find difficult to manage tropical species as these species need to be grown in heated glasshouses.

The country of origin Southern Hemisphere is the best for the growth of tropical plants, but there are inferior facilities. However, only 10 percent global collection is dedicated to the endangered species of plants.

Dr. Samuel Brockington is co-researcher of the study. He is from the University of Cambridge. Also, Dr. Samuel is a guardian at university’s botanic garden.

He said that botanic gardens are the best hope to save the world’s most endangered species of plants. Whereas there is no technical reason of why any plant species become extinct, but one-fifth of plant diversity is under threat, he added.

If plant diversity gets ignored then, humans will strive to resolve the global difficulties of food and fuel security,  climate change and environmental disgrace.

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