Endagered Olive Ridely turtles to skip mass nesting due to heatwaves

It seems that climate change is affecting the lifestyle of animals as well apart from creating problems for humans. Endangered Olive Ridley turtle species that come every year to the rookery for mass nesting will not participate in the event this year due to heatwaves, says officials. Shrinking beach is also adding to the worsening conditions.

“The recent rise in mercury is the biggest impendiment in the nesting,” said principal chief conservator of forests (Wildlife) Siddhant Das.

The renowned turtle species gather for mass nesting every year that goes on for four to six days in which all the turtles lay their eggs. According to estimates, more than two lakh turtles come at the Rushikuya rookery every year to lay their eggs. Previously, mass nesting had taken place from April 4 to 7 in 2006, March 4 to April 10 in 2008 and April 3 to 9 in 2010. In addition, last year in 2015, over 2.01 lakh Olive Ridley sea turtles had laid eggs in the rookery from March 10 to 15.

Since officials haven’t recorded any mass nesting after the month of April therefore, they predicted that this year turtles will not come to lay their eggs. Climbing the beach in vast numbers in this hot climate seems very unlikely. Also, climatic conditions are also not favourable to lay eggs.

Southern wind helps turtle in climbing the beach and this year it is absent due to heatwaves that have made the climate relatively hotter. Chief conservator of forests (retd) Sudhakar Mohapatra said that climatic conditions at the beach are not conducive for the mass nesting.

While Rabindra Sahu, Secretary of Rushikulya sea turtle protection committee, blamed erosion of beach for the absence of mass nesting.

According to officials, 13 turtles have come to the rookery to lay their eggs.

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