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Egyptian woman Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, who, with her 500kg body was recorded as world’s heaviest woman, is no more the owner of this tag, as she miraculously managed to lose 120kg in one month only. Eman Ahmed arrived in Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital on 11th February to go through a weight reduction program, and in one month only, she has lost 120 kg. As stated by the hospital authorities, Eman, since one month was kept on a strict liquid diet, rich in fiber and protein, which helped her body to trim down the excessive fatness in such a short span of time.

According to the doctors, currently, they are waiting for the arrival of Eman’s genetic report, after which they may conduct a bariatric surgery for bringing Eman back into right shape. iN the initial 12 days, she already lost 50 kilos, and later, her weight was continually dropping down, said one of the authorities of Saifee Hospital, Mumbai.

As declared by the hospital authorities, the 36-year-old Egyptian woman, Eman who was 500 kilos when she first arrived at the hospital for treatment, now weighs 380 kilos. This is all because of the bariatric procedures, followed by the doctors to cut down her extensive waistline. Currently, she is undergoing another bariatric procedure that will facilitate her to condense more than 200 kilos in the next six months.

After coming across a heart stroke some years ago, Eman’s right side body was not functioning. But after losing weight, Eman, last week, for the first time was capable of lifting up her arm and touch her face with her hand. According to Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, who is the lead doctor of the weight losing program of Eman, “The rehabilitation is working properly, and Ema’s weight is falling.”

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