Elon Musk’s Global Passenger Rocket Dream; land on Mars in 7 years


Scientists have been achieved significant success in the field of space travel. Even though some failures recorded in this journey, but the winning counts are worthy. Scientists had achieved their first major success in space travel when they sent a human to the moon in the year 1969. But now there is something new going to happen. The CEO of Space X, Elon Musk is planning to put humans on Mars.

To achieve this, Space X will launch its Big Falcon Rocket (BFR). While attending the 68th International Congress meeting held in Australia on September 29, Elon Musk revealed this. The SpaceX’s BFR will have some more powerful features than the other Space X spacecraft ever created. Sources also said that the BFR can carry 100 people and can bring them back to Earth safely. He also revealed that using the BFR one can reach New York to Shanghai in just one hour. It seems that Sapce X’s BFR will bring a major revolution in space travel and also travel in the earth by dramatically reducing the journey time.

However, some people have marked all these as the dream of Elon Musk. If people see some previous project work done by Elon Musk, they will find that he is very optimistic, informed Andy Whitman, Engineering and an executive board member of the Boston University Astronomical Society.

Previously, Musk proved that Space X’s fully automatic rocket could return to earth and can land on the floating barrage safely. He also proved that in future American teens will fight to have a high-performance electric car. But this time Musk is taking a big risk for Space X by saying that. Some also say that, whenever Elon Musk says about something that is called as Elon musk time.

NASA has been planning to find out the best way to travel to Mars, but no significant results have been developed yet by NASA. Even though it was NASA who made the foundation of rovers journey, but now NASA doesn’t have enough money to send a man to Mars.

Apart from all these talks, it seems that Musk has that confidence to send humans through the BFR by 2022. After getting some achievement in Space X financial approach, the company is planning to send its crew to Mars by 2024. If it happens then, the BFR will be known as the first reusable rocket in the world.

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