Eight-year-old tigress found mysteriously dead in Nagarahole Tiger Reserve

An eight-year-old Tigress has been found dead in Nagarahole Tiger Reserve on Tuesday. According to reports, no external injuries were found on the body which suggests that fight with other tigers was not the reason for the death. Tigers fight often in the tiger reserve to gain control over their territory, however, this time something else has caused the death.

Tigress’ claws and skin were intact when officials found the body. Also, they didn’t find any bullets that negate¬†any chances poaching behind the untimely death.

The Park Director, H.C. Kantharaj said that samples have been taken from the carcass for further analysis in the lab which will uncover the mystery behind the death. Some deadly infection might also have led to death and officials need to take proper precaution before it spreads and grabs other species in the reserve. Thus, forests officials are eagerly waiting for the postmortem report.

Moreover, tiger health and tiger count have increased by more than 30 percent in past one decade in India. Project tiger is working fine and government along with the help of local people have managed to take the tiger count par 2200 which is commendable.

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