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Eight women from eight different countries of six different continents of the world have come together to join hands in a 55-day long expedition. These women have started this expedition in order to make people aware of water conservation and also to educate them. According to their leader Ann Bancroft, they will firstly cover river ganges from 20 October and end on December 8, but may further increase their area depending on the number of volunteers that add up.

Ann further added, “That initially, we eight women were to start our ‘First Access Water Expedition’ from Antarctica, but our sponsors backed out, and India turned out to be our second choice. We chose the Ganges to begin the ‘Access Water’ series because the area represents a great example of a deep-rooted dependence on water for human existence.”

The explorer also told that the need of educating local communities and students about the water crisis that is going on, is increasing day by day critically and it is most important in overpopulated areas like India.

The other seven women accompanying her are (1) Liv Arnesen of Norway; (2) Olfat Haidar of Israel; (3) Cindy Jiaojiao Hu of China; (4) Marcia Gutierrez of Chile; (5) Kim Smith of South Africa; (6) Lisa te Heuheu of New Zealand and Krushnaa Patil of India.

The main moto of this mission was not only to explore the wonders of the River Ganga but also to find how communities and organisations are working towards meeting the demand for cleaner water and inspiring others to do the same.

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