Edward Snowden launches new security app Haven

Smartphone, one of the most useful tool in today’s world which comes with some significant features that let the users to use the device in the way they want. But the most important factor that really matters is privacy protection. There are many apps which offer this factor. Well, if you are worried about physical tampering, here is the perfect solution for you. The Haven, a newly developed app which turns any Android phone into a motion, sound, vibration and light detector while using by unwanted intruders. This new security app has developed by renowned digital privacy activist Edward Snowden of Freedom of the Press Foundation.

As per the report, the app can be installed on any burner device, and it can be kept any place. When someone enters the room, the app notifies about this to the primary phone.The project page said, “We designed Haven for investigative journalists, human rights defenders, and people at risk of forced disappearance to create a new kind of herd immunity.”

The app has developed by the Freedom of the Press Foundation, and for this, the company has partnered with The Guardian Project who mostly develops privacy protection applications. Well, currently the beta version of the app is available for download from the Google Play Store.

To carry out its work, the app uses five primary sensors of the smartphone, i.e., camera, microphone, light, power, and accelerometer. When the app detects some unusual activities in the room triggered by motion and volume saves images and sound on the device. For this, the users need to place the burner phone in such a place that it can take pictures.  The description page says, Haven only saves images and sound when triggered by motion or volume, and stores everything locally on the device. You can position the device’s camera to capture visible motion, or set your phone somewhere discreet to just listen for noises. Get secure notifications of intrusion events instantly and access the logs remotely or anytime later.

The following sensors are monitored for a measurable change and then recorded to an event log on the device. The accelerometer detects phone’s motion and vibration. The camera helps to motion in the phone’s visible surroundings from front or back camera. Microphone helps to record noises in the environment. Light detects any changes in light from the ambient light sensor. The Power detects the device being unplugged or power loss.

Eva Galperin of the Electronic Frontier Foundation said: “I can imagine this might be useful to victims of domestic abuse who are worried about their abusers spying on them in some way.”

Snowden in the promotional video said, “Imagine the thing you want to protect the most.” “Maybe it’s personal, and maybe it’s practical, maybe it’s not a thing at all. Maybe it’s you.”

However, as the app is now under development, the app has some problems. Its accelerometer detection is more sensitive and even leaving the phone on top of a computer with a moving fan inside created hundreds of alerts. Another user named Micah Lee informed that he has got 80 intrusion alerts and but it was the sounds of loud cars and sirens of the moving vehicles.

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