Eating snacks mindlessly even without hunger can trigger weight gain

Are you eating more snacks? If yes, then it is time to cut down your snack intake as a new study has warned that the people who consume even without hunger are at higher risk of gaining weight.

Lead study author Stephanie Fay who conducted the study at Queensland University of Technology in Australia said that eating too much even without hunger is a major potential cause of weight gain. He further added that generally people blame energy dense food and excessive portion size for weight gain, however, frequency of eating contributes significantly in weight gain.

For the research, Fay offered a chocolate snack to the participants and three-fourth of the participants were offered a second chocolate snack immediately and they were made to eat even they were not hungry.

In the study, Fay found that the participants who ate second snack immediately were more impulsive towards food and they were the people whose weight was on higher side. These people had higher BMI (Body Mass Index).  Researchers say that due to higher frequency of mindless eating people turn obese.

Since, obesity has become one of the most common disease in the world, it is important to try every possible effort to curb the disease. Obesity also ups the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It is very common to see an obese having a heart attack.

Thus, researchers warned people who eat mindlessly even without hunger as they are at higher risk gaining weight.

Also, it was found in an another study previously that people who wake at night end up eating more which further triggers obesity.

The study appeared in the international journal Eating Behaviours.

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  • Stephaany Yocich

    Eating anything mindlessly can trigger weight gain. The key is being moderate. I’ve lost 21lbs with the Loaded Gun Diet eating everything even sweets.