Eating at restuarent put a damper plans to lose weight

Eating at restuarent put a damper plans to lose weight

There is no denying the fact that maintaining a diet and a healthy BMI is one of the challenges that a lot of people face these days. As the modern day lifestyle gets busier, faster with a relentless inclination to become unhealthy, there are several reasons why more and more people are following one or the other kind of diet these days.

While you can be all ecstatic about getting on a diet that has fewer cheat days, what can dampen your chances of shedding those extra pounds is the urge to eat out. As per the findings by a research group, the likelihood of overeating at a restaurant or some place outside of one’s home increases by 60 percent.

The research paper enunciates the various other factors that lead to overeating and ultimately, weight gain. Lora E. Burke, lead author and a professor at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania says,” Research into understanding and preventing weight regain is vital for improving the public health. Helping an individual anticipate challenges and problem-solve high-risk situations can empower them to stay on track with their weight loss/weight maintenance plan.”

The reporting was based on the study carried out on about 150 people with over 135 women as a part of the group. For the research the group of 150 people were tracked and monitored for their daily eating habits on their smartphone by a custom-made application developed for the purpose of acquiring the data.

Based on the data that was captured as a part of this research, the likelihood of overeating by a person can be hugely influenced by the location he/she is in. for instance, the odds of you overeating is about 40 percent when at work or in a car (30 percent). The participants in this study were involved with some form of weight limiting diet and were asked a variety of questions to gain an insight on their eating habits.

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