Eating Pasta can help you shed weight, reveals new study

There is a saying – eat healthy and stay healthy. With the evolution of time, humans are now more concerned on having a healthy diet and maintaining their slim trim structure. But having too much of veggies, fruits and whole grains can sometimes turn out to be boring; because we often get attracted towards lip smacking dishes. So, at times it turns out to be really tough to ignore the zesty food and continue the diet.

Now, here comes the good news for all food lovers who also want to stay healthy and fresh. Pasta has come to the rescue. Yes, you can lose sufficient weight and still have a moderate amount of Pasta in your diet. A recent study has shown that one can easily omit the extra weights from his/her body even after having Pasta. And this has somewhat become the most exquisite information for the healthy yet foodie ones.

Moving on to knowing that how come one can have Pasta and still lose weight; where, on the contrary, carbohydrates are strictly out of your diet chart! Of course, if one keeps on eating bowls and bowls of Pasta every day, it will only help to gain more and more weight. As having too much of anything is really not right, even if it is veggies or water, one must know the right amount of eating. 3.3 servings of Pasta per week can be of good help for letting you stay healthy and fit. 

Another good thing about Pasta is that it is basically a low-GI food. So, maintaining a low-GI diet permits one to have tasty Pasta and still hold onto staying healthy and fresh. The benefit of low-GI food is that the blood level of a human being gets increased at a measurable rate. So, in that case, Pasta can also be a part of our weight loss mission.

Research analysis has proven it that Pasta does not induce into gaining weight; rather it helps to maintain and sometimes to burn the extra calories. So, let’s give the Pasta a new taste by putting on lots and lots of veggies and serving it with some marinara sauce – this will give taste, refreshment and health altogether. 

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  • The title of this article is completely misleading. Much of the text in this article says “You can lose weight DESPITE eating pasta (if done right).” and the link to the title comes in the last 2 lines.
    There is no reference to what that research is, either.
    Very useless, poorly-researched and uninsightful article.

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