Did Falcon Heavy fly? Flat Earthers believes rocket launch by SpaceX was hoax

The flat Earth model is an archaic conception of Earth’s shape as a plane or disk. Many ancient cultures subscribed to a flat Earth cosmography, including Greece until the classical period, the Bronze Age and Iron Age civilizations of the Near East until the Hellenistic period, India until the Gupta period (early centuries AD), and China until the 17th century.

The Earth Is Flat; Falcon Heavy Is A Hoax: Claims Flat Earth Organization

The Earth is flat! Falcon Heavy launched by SpaceX is a hoax, claims Flat Earth Organization. The society has apparently created a list of FAQs that support its theory that the Earth is not a globe but a flat surface i.e. an indefinite plane. The society presented the theory and claimed that the recent launch by SpaceX is a total hoax made to maintain legitimacy. Many flatists support the theory alleging that this is yet another conspiracy after 1969’s Moon Landing Conspiracy.

To elaborate the conspiracy groping the newly launched Falcon Heavy, the Flat Earth Society believes that the Earth is indeed flat on an indefinite surface. According to the flats, the launch was a hoax to support the theory popularised by globularist. They denied believing a privately-held organization to produce truth about the actual shape of the Earth. The society claims that it is another conspiracy to fool people into believing the shape of the Earth as a globe and published a tweet on Twitter stating ‘People who believe that the Earth is a globe because “they saw a car in space on the internet” must be the new incarnation of “It’s true, I saw it on TV!” It’s a poor argument”.

I did a little research on the website of Flat Earth Organization and found out certain facts that these flatists believe to be the truth. Firstly, flatists suggest that there isn’t anything such as Gravity which is a basic force known to people. Further, the society claims that the Earth is a flat without any ‘edges’, although the logical explanation behind it isn’t yet available. Some notable members wiz Steve Wozniak, Delano Edwards and Kyrie Irving support the ‘flat-earth’ theory.

February 6 marked the onset of events proposed by SpaceX in making space travel commercial. Falcon Heavy, the heaviest test rocket was launched from Cape Canaveral with three boosters to supply tonnes of liquid and solid fuel throughout its various stages of transition until it reaches it destined altitude. In addition, the rocket carried the new Tesla Roadster along with a dummy ‘Starman’ destined to flyby Mars in 2019.

According to videos posted on Big Think, a fan asked Bill Nye, a famous scientist and CEO of The Planetary Society & famous as ‘The Science Guy’ if the Earth is flat or spherical. He explained the fact clearly that the Earth is Spherical and in fact, bulgy around the equator. He prescribed few ways that could help flatists refresh their mind and think logically.

Do you believe that the Earth is flat? Is the Falcon Heavy launch a hoax and if yes, then how can you elaborate it? Elon Musk’s SpaceX plans to send a series of rockets towards the ultimate goal of colonization of Mars.

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