Is our Earth flat? 61-Year-old conspiracy theorist ‘Mad’ Mike has the answer

Science has seen its fair share of conspiracy theorists that in a sense are good for the scientists as they help push the limits to derive the actual truth with proof. However, a certain ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes has taken his theory way too far with plans to grace the skies with a self-made rocket powered by the steam. This California based man is on a mission to prove that our Earth is actually flat and NASA has been providing us with false pictures of the planet.

Hughes has burned away more than $20,000 in an effort to build a rocket that runs by the power of steam which ultimately failed to launch. The launch failure was captured in a live video as the conspiracy theorist aimed to reach the height of 1,800 feet above the ground and picture the Earth as a flat one. However, what the self-proclaimed genius fails to understand is that the curvature of our Earth cannot be seen unless his rocket graces the height of 35,000 feet above the surface of our blue planet.

Hughes has been attracting a lot of attention both from the government as well as the general public all over the world. The fund for the rocket constructed was obtained by Hughes from the crowd who believe that our Earth is actually flat and science has placed a blindfold on every believer. The rocket flaunted a tag “Research Flat Earth” that was placed in the ghost town near the Mojave Desert named Amboy in California in the month of November. However, the launch could not be successful as Hughes was stopped by the “Bureau of Land Management”. The officials cancelled the launch because launching a rocket over public land requires permission from the concerned authorities.

However, following the cancellation, Hughes promised the viewers that the next launch shall take place in the month of February. The February launched happened on the 3rd day of the month but the same failed to take off. The launch was captured in an 11-minute live video that showed the rocket just sitting on the launch pad without even moving an inch. This is what you can expect from a rocket made entirely at home. Hughes speculates that some faulty seal might have led to the launch failure but the exact cause hasn’t yet been confirmed.

Hughes also posted a video on YouTube where he explained the different ways that the launch could have been affected. He said that the rocket suffered an improper function from the actuator which led to combustion failure or the reason could be a faulty plunger as well.

Hughes further added that another launch was in the schedule on Monday but he needs to be present in the court on a Tuesday morning. He confirmed that he has pursued a legal action against numerous government entities that include Governor Jerry Brown as well as US Senator Kamala Harris. He addressed the crowd out on fields for the launch that he is “Just One Man” and the success of his mission could take time. Hughes has also claimed that NASA has been always controlled by the believers of Round Earth, a theory that is being forced down the throats of the general public. He also blamed Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO that he has been constructing fake versions of rockets.

Hughes explained that all his knowledge about rockets and the fluid dynamics is just simple numbers and formula. Science is just an illusion similar to science fiction. The last successful launch by this conspiracy theorist was in the year 2014 when he managed to attain a height of 1,374 meters near Winkelman in Arizona. However, the G-force dragged him down and he required 3 days to get well after the accident.

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