Earth faces sixth mass extinction of “biological annihilation”, scientists warn

Over the period of the last half –billion years, experts say that there have been five events of mass extinction on Earth in which a broad diversity of species on the planet Earth died all of a sudden.  At present, there is very strong evidence regarding the sixth number of mass extinction that is unfolding with time, in accordance to the scientists who keep a track of the species across the globe. In a recent study, the experts state that the current mass extinction is going to be even “more severe than the thought of” and the implications will be “biological annihilation” that would affect thousands of species.

In the research which was published on Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy  of Sciences journal, the experts from the Standford  University  and the National Autonomous University  of Mexico  revealed a  minute and detailed look at the trends in population among 27,600 species of amphibians, birds,  reptiles and mammals – half of the terrestrial vertebrates known in the world  which also included the detailed  analysis of around 177 mammals species.

The outcomes are grim:  experts found a “very high degree of population decay” among the vertebrates, including the species which are considered to be at a lower risk of extinction. They found that the temperate regions of the old are losing species at either equal or higher rate than the tropical regions.

“Earth is undergoing a great episode of declines and extirpations of population”- when species stop to exist in a specific location- “that will have a negative declining consequence on the function of the ecosystem and services that are important for the sustaining civilisation,” the researchers stated.

“We elaborate this as a “biological annihilation” for highlighting the prevailing magnitude of the ongoing 6th event of major mass extinction of the Earth.

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