Early periods Could it raise the risk of gestational diabetes in women

Diabetes can cause the slow deterioration of an individual’s overall quality of health: this fact is no surprise to most of us in today’s date. But gestational diabetes, which occurs in women when they are pregnant, has grabbed the attention of the scientific community in the recent. According to a study, the genetic marker that decides on how early a girl reaches the onset of menstruation could be decisive on how prone is the person to suffer from gestational diabetes.

Diabetes is an ailment that fundamentally refers to the condition when the body is unable to regulate the blood sugar level. The irregular level of blood sugar especially when it is spiked up can lead to several complicated health issues. Diabetes in pregnant women or gestational diabetes is not that an unknown health condition but the rise in the number of women suffering from this condition has certainly risen over the years.

According to research done by the experts at the University of Queensland, women who had started with their first period at the age of 11 or younger were found to be 50 percent more likely to develop gestational diabetes later in life as compared to those who reached puberty at 13 and above. As Professor Gita Mishra stated, “Early puberty in girls had now been shown to be a significant marker for several adverse health outcomes, including gestational diabetes”. The research team has not yet established the exact reason behind the link.

The study was carried out based on the data acquired from about 4700 women, and the results are published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. There are other factors contribute significantly to the susceptibility of a woman to gestational diabetes such as genetics and heredity, stress levels, lifestyle and eating habits

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