E-Cigarette Is Inciting Adolescents to Use Tobacco and Nicotine: Study Reveals

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E-Cigarette, which previously believed to be responsible for declining the number of smokers among youth, is now found to be more vulnerable for a new generation of adolescents. According to a recently published study, E-Cigarettes are tempting youths to use tobacco as smoking element and hence the rate of tobacco users in the United State is ballooning gradually.

As suggested in the new U.S study, published on Monday, 23rd January 2017, E-cigarettes, being a sophisticated substitute to smoking, are actually inciting younger generation for using tobacco products for smoking. The research, conducted by the analyst team at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) have shown the dark side of the e-cigarette, which earlier widely promoted as best substitute to smoking. In the research paper, views and aftermaths, given by the investigators are clearly representing the conflicting and gloomy side of using E-cigarette.

According to the lead author of the study, Lauren Dutra of the UCSF, “There are many kids who choose to smoke standard cigarettes, filled with tobacco, may never have come across nicotine if e-cigarettes did not present. In other words, the introduction of E-cigarette is slowly tempting the youth generation of Adolescents to use nicotine as their smoking element. All through the study, we didn’t come across single evidence which can prove that e-cigarettes are affecting for the declined rate of youth smoking.”

Some previously held studies suggested the good side of e-cigarette for cutting down the tobacco consumption among youths. But the reality is something else. The study, published in the academic journal of Pediatrics highlighted that, in contrast to the numbers of cigarette and e-cigarettes users in 2009, the usage of e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes has escalated among adolescents in 2014, which is quite concerning.

The analysis also suggested that the youths who start taking e-cigarettes as their smoking substitute are more likely to be addicted to the consumption of regular cigarettes in the later part of their lives. And this is clearly indicating how the consumption of e-cigarette is driving youths towards a more dangerous edge of tobacco and nicotine consumption.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, back in August 2016, introduced a new guideline regarding the purchase of e-cigarettes and limited it only for adults, aging years and more. Similarly, FDA also has instructed the e-cigarette manufacturers to put a warning label on the packets of e-cigarettes and the rule is going to have effect from August 2018. According to the associate authors of the study, the rate of cigarette smoking among youth might have declined in past couple of years, but the decline slowed down between 2007 and 2009, after the introduction of e-cigarettes in the U.S.

Similarly, the senior author of the study, Stanton A. Glantz said E-cigarettes to be an encouraging factor for smoking, rather than discouraging. It is provoking the youths to smoke and munch through nicotine and tobacco.

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  • The smoking rate has declined in the young population, that is a fact. This so called study ignores that while smoking is down there is a corresponding increase in e-cig use. to them it is an unpleasant truth that one is related to the other. Another fact they dont want to address is that the numbers when added together end up being about the same as the number of kids that were smoking before e-cigs came out. What they want to yell is the percentage increase in usage. Just with all new things the usage at first is going to be low. But saying that for an example 100 kids used them years ago and 400 used them 6 years later isnt shocking. They scream its a 400% increase.
    The fact is kids are drawn to adult things, and while its a noble goal to stop all use of adult products/activities in youth it isnt realistic. As long as adult things exist kids will be drawn to them be it smoking, alcohol, or sex. The “save the children” line of attack will never get rid of kids trying adult things, and will likely doom millions of adults to a sad death and other disease that may be limited or lowered, if not removed altogether.

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