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Dragon cargo parachutes down the world’s deepest ocean

An automated supply ship of SpaceX crashed on Saturday into the world’s largest and deepest ocean, the Pacific Ocean. The supply ship was reportedly carrying cargos weighing approximately about 3,800 pounds, encompassing a robot of the space agency. The robot was being brought to the Earth for some repairs after a mission lasting for a month at the International Space Station.

The robot being carried by the spacecraft was the Earth’s initial humanoid robot. The robot was known as Robonaut 2 or otherwise R2. The R2 returned back home partially damaged and disassembled. The R2 was launched in the year 2011 in order to build a research platform for robotics at the space-station. The very agile R2 stopped functioning after three years of its launch. It was loaded and carried back to the Earth when the new upgrades, which are required to support its contemporary attachments, started to cause serious problems.

The project manager of Robonaut at the Johnson Space Center of Houston, Julia Badger had emailed that the Robonaut was being sent back to get repaired for the damages it received by a lost ground path “from the computer chassis”, which was found at the time when it was on the orbit.

The space agency’s supply ship known as Dragon capsule parachuted down about some six hundred fifty kilometers in the southwest direction of the Long Beach at California at around 12 p.m. PDT; 3 p.m. EDT; 1900 GMT. A recovery team of the SpaceX was standing prepared at the location in order to get back the spaceship, drag it onto the boat, and take it back to the Los Angeles’s Port. The successful dock of the spaceship on Saturday depicted the end of the fourteenth resupply mission of the SpaceX. The splashdown was the 3rd round-trip goods flight.

As per Rob Navias, the spokesperson of NASA, the recovery team of the SpaceX had plans to return back the spaceship to the port by Monday, deliver the time-critical specimens of the experiment to the space agency, then carry the spacecraft up to some facility at Texas, for refurbishment and servicing for further possible mission in the future. Navias had extended his commentary at the time of the departure of the ship early on Saturday.

The engineers built the Robotnaut to act like a testbed in order to witness if robots can be of help to the astronauts in maintaining and cleaning the complete space station. It was carried out with the objective that was focused to free up the time of the crew for some more intensive works.

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