Don't use environment as pretext to deprive poor countries of development: India

Don’t use the environment as pretext to deprive poor countries of development, India told the developed nations Tuesday in a telling message.

“The poor did not cause the problem of climate change, but they are now condemned to bear the brunt of its effects,” Amit Narang, a Counsellor at India’s UN Mission, said at a hearing on the post-2015 development agenda. “Universality and shared responsibilities cannot be a pretext for the abdication of historical responsibility or to legitimize the kicking away of the developmental ladder.”

Narang further laid emphasis on growth of the poorest of the poor–“Antyodaya”, as an expression of equity. Also, he criticised those notions which are focused on environmental problems and climate change rather than poverty eradication for development of a poor country. “Just as countries which have the largest numbers of poor have the larger responsibility to uplift their citizens to a life of dignity, similarly when it comes to the protection of the environment there are those who do have a larger responsibility in taking the lead,” he said.

While summoning, he indirectly stated that developed countries are putting pressure on the weak and poor countries to cut their carbon emissions at cost of development. He made it clear that cutting carbon emissions will prevent developing nations in becoming developed. He addressed the fact that nearly 1.3 billion people in the world are poor and are deprived basic necessities. Thus, this year’s UN meet should not only focus on  the environment but should also give special attention to the poor and hungry.

“Clearly then, the moral, political, economic, and ethical imperative of eradicating poverty and hunger must be central and undiluted objective of the new agenda,” he said.

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  • Ram Singh Sachan

    Yes.The environmental imperialism shouldn’t be allowed to keep the country subjugated far ever.The conservation measures must be suitably incentivized.

  • Raj

    People in Developed nations use SUVs’ to commute to work, leave ACs turned on entire day in short consume at least 10 to 30 times more energy than a average poor man. On the name of climate the developed world want the poor to remain poor so that he consumes further less so that they can continue to enjoy more and give gyan to poor nations. Modi should let them know how mean and biased they are.

  • Atanu Dhara

    They send waste material to these poor country to get polluted too.

  • Prosperous

    The solution is to share energy efficient and cheaper technology that pre exists in developed nations. Technology that can bypass conventional fuel but still solve industrial and commercial needs of developing nations. It can still be a win-win venture even if done commercially.

  • Monojit Bhattacharya

    Bravo, Mr. Narang. The shameless wastage of resources and the amount of pollution brought about by the developed nations is in sharp contrast to the rules imposed on the developing nations regarding pollution.

    The carbon trading rule should be abolished. In its place, there should be a rule of imposing penalty on the developed nations who cross a threshold of pollution; the threshold set to a bare minimum. The money collected as penalty should be used for development of eco-friendly ways
    of curbing pollution in the poor nations.