Dolly Ki Doli scores a collection of 2.55 crore in one day


“Official first day collection for dolly kidoli is 2.55 cr! Great start for us! Come be a part of our Doli this weekend!” Arbaaz Khan has tweeted.

The film stars Sonam Kapoor, PulkitSamrat, Rajkumar Rao. Sonam Kapoor’s the lead of the film. With carrying forward the film on her own, just like she did with her earlier films- Ranjhanaa and Khoobsurat, she makes it for an interesting Dulhan.

The story is about a Con Dulhan who goes around marrying men for her own benefits and as fated or obvious it sounds, ends up falling for a guy.

What worked for this film was its fluffy commercial context and its pleasurable performances. The men were a sight to the sore eyes. The movie had some funny moments and the songs made people to tap to the tunes in the theater.

What didn’t work for the film apart from Sonam Kapoor’s over acting was that it was too clichéd and didn’t hold any intriguing twists or turns. The fact that the storyline was hazily made didn’t make up for the actors performance and it clearly showed that some characters felt out of line.

It is rumored to be a remake of a Punjabi hit movie, RSVP- RondeSaareVyaaPicho. The people who have seen both the movies are claiming that although the movie was quite different from its original counterpart, it was a good try. People have enjoyed watching this movie and said that it’s a movie one can watch with their family.

Its release along with Akshay Kumar’s Baby can be seen as a reason to have affected its box office collections. While Baby benefits from not only the star power coupled with its critical acclaim, DKD lacked that and may face a major blow because of that.

Our views would be that it’s a one-time watch but if you like watching a movie that doesn’t tingle ones spidey senses, one may give it a go.

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  • Sadly, in this ‘pure woman’ obsessed industry, even a conwoman is presented in the ‘touch me not’ garb. By the writer’s and director’s logic, Dolly can break hearts, break trust of the men who fell in love with her and chose to marry her, but please ignore all that because she is a good woman. It’s just that she has had a failed relationship in the past and please adore her because she doesn’t allow anyone to touch or kiss her! If a heartbreak in the past (every woman goes through that in one form or the other) justifies the protagonist turning a criminal, okay then…..

    This premise could have worked wonders, if the director confidently showed the protagonist as the stone hearted, badass woman who cheated men for the pure thrill of it. That Dolly would have been far more convincing than this strange mish mash of a conwoman and Sati Savitri..

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