Doctors in UK impede 9-month baby’s heart for 15 hours for surgery

Doctors impede a babys heart for 15 hours for surgical treatment

How far has medicine progressed to sustain human life? The advancements in medical technology have led to in ground-breaking miracles such as the ECG and the X-Ray. A similar incident has been recently noted in the UK which sites the development of technology for limiting the heartbeats of an infant for 15-hours long.

Nathan Byrne, a 9-month-old baby who was born with a hole in his heart and faced guaranteed death, has survived in a marathon surgery, in which his heartbeats were impeded for 15-hours. As per the published article in British Media on Monday, Nathan in this condition wouldn’t be able to survive for more than six months. But without any complicated surgery, the baby is now smiling with good health.

According to the doctor who operated this 9-years-old Nathan’s case told that, there is no possibility of surviving Nathan without a complex surgical procedure. The hole found in the heart of the baby was inborn, and there lacks the possibility of his escaping with this fissure. Nathan at the age of four days had been transferred to Glasgow Children’s Hospital where the doctors diagnosed the crucial life-damaging issue.

The parents of Nathan, Lesley Condie and David Byrne said that the surgery in the initial stage was fixed to be carried out for seven hours, but as the level of complications got denser, the life-saving surgical procedure took around 15-hours to be complicated. This marathon surgery was not less than a miracle for the parents and doctors of Nathan, and the positive outcomes have truly stunned the entire medical industry. The little boy who used to alive with the help of machines and life supports is now living with a smile on his face.

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