Doctors stunned! Indian diabetic woman gives birth to male baby weighing 6 kg

Doctors stunned! Indian diabetic women gives birth male baby weighing 6 kg

Indian mother in Hyderabad has given birth to a male baby weighing 6 kg. The woman named Shabana Begum gave birth to his child at Niloufer Hospital in a very rare incident.

Doctors were shocked to see the weight of the baby which nearly twice of the recommended weight (2.5-3 kg and four kg for diabetic women). Diabetic women in general give birth to heavier young ones.

Although, doctors knew that Shabana is diabetic and will give birth to a heavier child but what happened on Saturday, completely took the doctors by surprise. “If diabetes is not controlled, blood glucose levels rise. This gets supplied to foetus which means more glucose will be available for foetus to grow. This is one of the main reason why diabetic women give birth to huge babies,” said Dr Malchuru Satyavathi, assistant professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology department, Niloufer Hospital.

Doctors performed medical examinations two days before the birth and were expecting a baby weighing around 5 kg. However, doctors weighed the baby after the birth in a manual weighing machine and found it to be 6 kg. “We expected the baby to be around 5 kg, but he turned out to be 6 kg. Expecting heavy bleeding during the surgery, we took all precautions and the surgery was performed sans any complications,” she said.

Shabana reported doctors about breathing problems and constipation during pregnancy. Doctors told that it is all due to heavy weight of the baby. Doctors performed Caesarean surgery to take out the baby from Shabana’s womb.

Moreover, experts told that it is a very rare incident where a baby of 6 kg is born. If mother is diabetic then there are very high chances for the new born to develop the disease, however, it can be prevented with proper care and precautions.

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