This is how drivers who mistook SpaceX rocket as UFO crashed their cars (Video+)

A video has surfaced online in which it can be seen that three cars crashed one after another. The incident happened on the eve of the SpaceX’s rocket launch. On December 22, SpaceX launched its Falcon 9 rocket carrying 10 Iridium communication satellites from the Vandenberg Air Force Base, to be deployed in the lower Earth orbit. This launch created quite a stir last week. Although the Falcon 9 launch was a usual thing for SpaceX, its spectacular launch scenario left onlookers spell-bounded.

The launch took place under the setting sun, and it created a bright, shining streak in the evening sky. The view was pretty unusual and was so spectacular that it led to distraction among drivers ion South California and as per a viral video, three drivers crashed each of their cars while trying to get a glimpse of the mysterious object in the night sky. A YouTuber with username Mark Sales posted a video in which it can be seen that the three cars collided while the SpaceX rocket was passing overhead. According to the Los Angeles Times, the short video clip was filmed across Interstate 10 in Banning with the help of a dashboard-mounted Camera. In the video, a man and children were commenting about the rocket and about the unfortunate drivers who crashed ahead of them. The December 22 Falcon 9 launch left a contrail behind it in the evening sky, and that contrail blew everyone’s mind. The contrail looked like a big Jellyfish having a long bright glowing tail.

Many people also thought the mysterious object to be a UFO and speculated that aliens might be landing on Earth. Later The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department released a statement on Twitter and confirmed that the mysterious object was not a UFO but was the contrail of SpaceX rocket launch. The contrail is an artificial cloud made by the exhaust of a jet aircraft or a rocket that precipitate a stream of tiny ice crystals in moist, frigid upper layer. This time the contrail was clearly visible because of the setting sunlight that hit it.

The news of the mysterious object flying in the night sky of Southern California spread like fire, and the social media soon became flooded with different takes on the spectacular event. Even Elon Musk took to Twitter and mockingly said that that it was definitely aliens. Recently, he also uploaded a beautiful time-lapse video of the Falcon 9 launch and mockingly tweeted, “Nuclear Alien UFO from North Korea”. Surely, the SpaceX rocket launch caused a lot of distraction both on roads as well as on social media.

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