Discovery Of Alien Family Beyond The Milky Way Galaxy

The existence of alien bodies beyond the Milky Way galaxy has put forward a new aspect in the study of the science of the space. New discoveries with the help of the technique of microlensing have let out the existence of new planets about 3.8 billion light years ahead of the Milky Way galaxy with a mass that ranges from the mass of the moon to the mass of the Jupiter. By using the distortions of light from a background source to track distant objects, the microlensing technique has proved to be a boon currently, is the only method for the location of bodies in the space that sign their location beyond the predictable distance.

The Astrophysicists at the University of Oklahoma noticed the signature of the alien family by using the technique on the data received from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. Referring to this effective technique the postdoctoral researcher Eduardo Guerras said it to be an example of how powerful the techniques of analysis of extragalactic microlensing could prove to be. He said that the alien planets reside so far away that they cannot be noticed directly even with the best telescope that can be imagined in a science fiction scenario.

The use of regular light telescopes in the past had proved futile as planets never showed up due to the glare of the stars. Planets that have no light of their own shine by the light they reflect from the star they orbit around which is near about negligible and the stars with any planet orbiting them are so far away that spotting a faint planet near a star so far away is as difficult as hearing the sound of a falling pin in a noisy room.

As revealed by a professor of Homer L Dodge Department of Physics, Xinyu Dai, the discovery has proved to be a matter of immense excitement as it was the first time that planets were discovered beyond the Milky Way galaxy.

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