Dialysis Chains Cry Foul Over Justice Department’s Subpoenas Related to Its Linkage with Insurance Premium Charity

The Department of Justice

On Friday, country’s two biggest and most renowned Dialysis Chains, Fresenius and DaVita has opened up about receiving undue legal notices from the Justice Department, asking about their linkage with an aid organization that provides insurance premiums to the needy kidney patients. The written legal notices have been sent to both of the medical firms, asking clearance about its relationship with a leading Charity. The news also confirmed by the spokesperson of the charity – the American Kidney Fund, who said, alongside both the Dialysis Chains, the charity itself has also been subpoenaed about clearing its connection with the organizations.

The aid organization of the US, the ‘American Kidney Fund’ was the topic of an article published last month in ‘The New York Times’. The article highlighted some serious concerns over the favored approach of the organization towards the patients belonging to its major donors like Fresenius and DaVita, over other smaller dialysis clinics that don’t contribute donations to the Charity.

The report also highlighted about the unexplained act of kindness of the fund towards the biggest Dialysis Chains of the country, over the patients belonging to the smaller kidney specialist clinics which give less or sometimes nil donation. On this matter, the argument of The Kidney Fund with the federal government disqualified it from the autonomy of choosing patients on the basis of the clinic which they used to take diagnosis for the expensive kidney treatment.

While opening up about the summons, DaVita said in an official statement that, in the subpoena, The Department of Justice has asked about “the submission of data related to charitable premium aid and now, the company is looking forward to co-operating with the government to solve the complexity. DaVita also said that it will collaborate with the Federal Government over the notice and will clarify the details on these multifaceted issues.”

Since last summer, the premium assistance program of The Kidney Fund has currently been under surveillance. Back in summer, the questions were raised regarding the unlawful acts of the dialysis companies which involved the allegation of improper navigation of patients’ eligibility for getting government insurance programs like Medicaid towards the more profitable private insurance programs developed by private companies like Affordable Care Act. Under the insurance program, The Kidney Fund is binding to cover the indemnity premiums of the needy patients who are unable to afford the expensive kidney treatments.

And now, in order to clarify their involvement in the inappropriate steering of patients, Justice Department has summoned two of the largest Dialysis Chains of the country, Fresenius and DaVita, alongside the Charity, the American Kidney Fund. In addition to these insurers, UnitedHealthcare, also took legal action against another major dialysis chain, American Renal Associates, alleging it for unlawfully motivating patients to take the premium policies from Medicaid. But while asked, the spokeswoman for American Renal Associates denied commenting on the matter, on Friday.

Surprisingly, while questioned about the matter to a spokeswoman for the United States attorney for the District of Massachusetts, which sued the legal notice, she refused to give any remark on the incident.

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