Developers are now abandoning Google Glass project

Developers are now abandoning Google Glass project

Google is having a hard time keeping up with its Google Glass project, the developers are abandoning it and the Glass itself is losing the popularity it had a few months ago. Google Glass is a head wearable from the Internet giant, and it can offer you a hands free access to your content and notifications you look on your phone. The Glass is equipped with a 5 MP camera, and runs an Android flavour.

However, Google isn’t just ready to give up on this project and is planning to commercialise Google Glass in the year 2015. Currently, the ‘Glass Explorer Edition’ sells for a price tag of nearly one lakh rupees ($1500), and it is for the version that does not have prescription lenses with it.

According to a report from the Reuters, nine out of 16 developers have already given up on developing apps for the Glass. It is very surprising to see that they are abandoning the ship, the developers now aren’t interested in developing any apps for this device as it is losing its popularity at an alarming rate.

 On a personal level, I was also interested in buying a product that sticks to your head and offers a handsfree operation of the device in possession. A few voice commands and you are done. However, according to some of the reports and surveys, the Google Glass provides a hand-free access to your device but is equivalently distracting. The device may seem to be less obstructing, but wearing it while driving can result in a devastating accident.

Glass is in need of severe upgrades; one full charge and battery lasts only 40 minutes while shooting a video. It doesn’t have much of storage available and does not have a huge target audience for developers to test their apps. Three out 16 developers said that they are looking forward to other headset programs as they do not have limited audience like Google Glass.


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