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Sushant’s much awaited Detective Byomkesh Bakshy has finally hit the theatres and hasn’t been able to receive that big of a response, the reason to which could have been its release alongside Fast and Furious 7 which has marked late Paul Walker’s last journey in the series.

Set in the backdrops of Calcutta in the 1940s, it is the story of a genius man by the name Byomkesh Bakshy who is a socially awkward youngster whose destiny leads him to becoming a detective. He gets assigned as detective for a murder in his first case but it is so dangerous that it could easily be his last. The story unravels and his genius rewards him. But will it reward him enough to solve the mystery, or will make him fall in the pit of death? Well, that’s in for the film to see.

What worked for the film was director Dibakar’s beautifully crafted version of Calcutta in its pre-independence phase during World War II. The soundtracks also leave you in an enticing world of relatability with the lyrics. The story has a dark aroma to it with well-versed acting and plot twists that leave a person awestruck. The beginning is very entertaining and after the interval, everything becomes very intense. Sushant Singh Rajput has more than delivered on his account as DBB.

What didn’t work for the film was that it was really slow paced till the mid of the film and had us worried that we might have to leave the theaters without fully watching it. With the narrative and story going static and no forward movement till the second half of the installment, we thought that this might be Sushant’s worst nightmare, after the competition with Fast and Furious.

Our verdict is that if you like fact paced films and action then head over to the Fast and Furious 7 featuring halls. But if you have an acquired taste for suspense and love a good mystery, then DBB is the way to go.

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