Salman, the 12-year-old jaguar that was brought on “breeding loan” from Thiruvananthapuram Zoological Garden to Delhi Zoo last October has failed to breed although given ample opportunities, therefore Zoo officials have decided to send him back to where he came from. Zoo officials say that Salman has very high appetite for food and has now become too fat to breed.

It seems obesity not only affects humans but can also become a cause of worry in the animal kingdom and Salman is one such victim. Delhi zoo curator Riaz Khan said that Salman has stayed in National Zoological Park for complete one year but in that period he hasn’t shown any interest towards mating with any female jaguar even though he was sometimes left alone with a female jaguar in a single room. Instead, he was more keen towards the food and always used to rush whenever food was given to him.

Kalpana, female jaguar who was left alone with Salman, but failed to produce young ones due to Salman’s failure. Zoo officials are now sure that Salman cannot breed since he is too fat, thus it’s better to send him back.

Khan further added that other male jaguars would not completely eat the food but Salman’s appetite is so huge that he would always finish the leftover. Four jaguars in the Delhi Zoo gets nearly 6kg of buffalo meat daily and that’s more than sufficient to kill the hunger, but Salman would have eaten more if more food was given to him. Khan believes that Salman has even bigger appetite than a fully grown male tiger.

Even after putting him to a strict diet plan, he didn’t reduce weight. his caretaker also tried to put in a larger compartment, but he showed no interest in playing around instead he always preferred sitting in the corner and relax.

However, it isn’t medically certified yet that Salman has become too fat to produce kids. Some zoo officials believe that Salman still has the potential to breed and it is due to some other reasons that he isn’t interested anymore in breeding. They argued that the two other male jaguars, Mohan and Shankar, have also failed to give Kalpana a cub.

“It’s not necessarily about obesity. In some cases, animals that are proven breeders stop after relocation,” said a wildlife expert at the Delhi zoo.

Salman was medically fit when he was brought to Delhi Zoo where he gained extra weight.

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