Shiv Kumar Yadav, Delhi Uber Rape case suspect

On Wednesday global cab booking firm, Uber finally stopped its service in Delhi after a rage against Delhi Uber rape case. Firstly the company didn’t respond to the outrage by the people but then it compiled with a ban by government on the company on Monday.

The company was further moved to its decision when the Delhi government and the traffic police started to blame each other for implementing the ban on the company.

The government said that its transport department didn’t have enough resources to execute the ban whereas the traffic police officers say that those who gave out the orders should execute them.

Delhi Government had imposed the ban on all the app based cab companies on Monday with immediate effect but Uber refused to follow the government orders, saying that it had not received any notice from the government and was continued its services.

A transport department official told, “We have asked the Delhi traffic police to immediately implement the ban on web-based cab services, including Uber, in the national capital.”

Government was forced to come to such decision after Shiv Kumar Yadav, one of the drivers of the company allegedly raped a 27 year old woman executive. On November 26, the driver raped the woman when she took his cab during her visit to India.

An FIR was also been filed by Delhi Police in the charges of cheating with its customers and also that of not obeying Government orders.

Police also called a number of officials from Uber including its Asia-Pacific head Eric Alexender and have questioned them in last two days. Police have even approached the US based woman, so that she can file a complain against the accused in the rape case.

However, Ravindra Kumar Pandey, Metropolitan Magistrate sent Shiv Kumar Yadav to Tihar Jail after the evidences like a mobile phone and clothes, which the accused was wearing at the time of the incident, were presented by the investigating officer (IO) to the court. In addition to it, IO said that his custodial interrogation is not necessary and the investigation for the case will not be closed.

Moreover, Shiv Kumar Yadav is a 32-year-old taxi driver, which has emerged as a serial sexual offender and was out on bail in a rape case in 2013, besides being involved in a similar case in 2011.

A senior police official said, “He hides most of the things and confesses only about things he knows that we already are aware of. He is a master of lies and highly deceptive. When we ask him about his previous involvements, he tries to give alibis and claims that he has not been convicted in any of them.”

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