Delhi: Kiran Bedi vs Arvind Kejriwal

Krian Bedi vs Arvind Kejriwal

After BJP nominated Kiran Bedi as their CM candidate, it seems that upcoming Delhi election has turned into Kiran Bedi vs Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal called her for an open debate in the presence of public and media. Replying to Kejriwal’s tweet, Bedi said that she does not believe in debates at all, however, she believe in actions.

Kejriwal asked Maken for holding the debate to which he gave a nod and seemed very pleased in having an open debate with such an extent of transparency.

All eyes are on Bedi whether she accepts for the “pre-poll” debate or not. Bedi said that she is ready for the debate but she rebuffed his demand for a debate ahead of the 7 February elections.

Speaking to reporters, Bedi said, “I’m here for good governance. Arvind believes in debate but I believe in delivery. We will debate in the floor of the house after the elections.”

“My strength is delivery, my strength is innovation, my strength is listening to people…this is in totality of what is called good governance,” she further added.

Commenting on Kejriwal’s comment that the fight in Delhi is between good and bad (AAP is good and BJP bad) Bedi said  “This is exactly the type of negativity I don’t practice. I am for politics of development, growth, inclusiveness, respect, civility, listening…I have joined politics on people’s call, I have joined politics to give back to the city I love the most.”

Arvind said that Bedi has blocked him on Twitter and Arvind asked him to unblock him.

Bedi said  “I blocked him 15 months ago when he called himself an anarchist. He was spreading negativity and his words were polluting. I had blocked some others too.”

Last night, BJP declared Bedi as its CM candidate for ucoming Delhi elections and filed her from Krishna Nagar constituency in East Delhi. Krishna Nagar is already a stronghold for BJP. BJP’s Dr Harshvardhan has been winning election from this seat from last many times.

But according to some pre-election polls AAP is going to win this election with a marginal lead over BJP but all these polls were conducted on a very small scale with only 1-2k people participating in the polls.

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