Delhi High Court asked WhatsApp to reply over the allege of Privacy Policy

Whatsapp Privacy issue

WhatsApp has never lagged behind introducing new features and functionalities alongside new updates in its existing version.  But earlier some updates have dragged this instant messaging site to serious issues including the criticism of public and legal frameworks. In past couple of months, WhatsApp has made a number of upgrades to its privacy policy among which the ‘end-to-end encryption’ and ‘data sharing policy with Facebook’ are two. And now on the concerns of WhatsApp violating the privacy policy of users, Delhi High Court summoned the firm.

The Delhi high court on Wednesday looked for the reaction of WhatsApp on a pledge of its data sharing the policy with the parental company Facebook and end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp had rolled out extensive improvements to its security and privacy policies on August 25, which was the first upgrade since Facebook obtained it in 2014. In this policy, Whatsapp declared to give users the option to provide their account information to Facebook. It also gave the users a 30-day time limit o quit the approach which terminates on September 25.

On this matter, two WhatsApp users from Delhi filed a case against the Facebook-owned firm contending that the policy of WhatsApp severely compromises the rights of its users and makes the privacy rights of users completely vulnerable.

On Wednesday, during a brief hearing on this pledge, senior advocate Siddharth Luthra, representing WhatsApp in the Delhi HC, said that the application does not share clients private messages, account information, photographs or any other data with Facebook. But it only shares the mobile number and name of the users with its parental company. He guaranteed his customer has end-to-end encryption of all information shared among users and does not hold any information.

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