AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday attacked BJP on the donation issue when he openly invited the central government to arrest him over the allegations and said he along with his party is ready face any investigation and the verdict for any wrong deed he has committed.

“The government is in your hands. All the police and investigating agencies are with you. The CBI, Enforcement Directorate, IB and I-T department are with you. If you have the courage why don’t you arrest me,” he said.

He accused BJP of misleading the people against AAP and also stated it as a publicity stunt to defame him and his party. In a rally in Trilokpuri, east Delhi, addressing the crowd Kejriwal said on a defiant note that government don’t have the courage to arrest him as every penny he has received for the election as a donation falls under the law and told Arun Jaitely to take back his comment that “AAP was caught red-handed” in receiving “dubious” funds.

Earlier on Monday, a group name AVAM accused AAP for receiving four 50 lakhs rupee check back in 2013 from companies that never existed. Jaitley called the Rs 2 crore donation as black money.

In the rally, Kejriwal said BJP has done everything in the past several months to defame him as they fear of losing the Delhi polls on 7 February. Referring to the exit polls, Kejriwal confidently said that their party will win the election with a clear majority.

“We have already forewarned about this mud-slinging. It happened during Lok Sabha polls too. BJP has lost ground, and therefore it is throwing mud at us,” he said.

Learning from past mistakes he admitted that resigning the chief ministerial post was one of his biggest mistake and he will not repeat it again if he comes into power.

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