Kiran Bedi in a BJP rally : Delhi Elections

Coming Delhi elections will be the toughest test Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) as they aren’t in power in the capital since last 16 years. Even after sweeping Lok Sabha single-handedly, BJP fell five seats short of majority in the centre. Thus, to counter AAP’ 70 point manifesto, BJP is likely to come with a vision document 2050 instead of a manifesto as rumours suggest that there are disputes within the party leaders and members over the issue of full statehood for Delhi.

Delhi Chief Minister aspirant, Kiran Bedi said in a tweet that the vision document will go hand in hand with the PM Modi’s vision to make India a developed country where all the sections, segments and society reaps the fruit of their pro-development policies.

“This will be a vision for 2050, a vision for Delhi to become a world class city. Tremendous team work will be seen, will be in interest of every ‘Delhi walla’. It will be a vision which will be implemented completely,” said Kiran Bedi.

Bedi said in a rally on Sunday that women security in the capital is priority for her and is very high in her agenda. Apart from it, being from police background she aims to unify all the complaints under one roof where each complaint and every police officer will be under her scrutiny.

Last week she came with a blueprint that had 25 action plan to be implemented in Delhi. Starting from women security the action plan includes increased and smart patrolling, safe nightlight, centralised criminal database, street light, surprise inspection, deployment of home guards in vulnerable areas, self defence as a part of school program with special emphasis on martial arts, etc.

Kiran Bedi is contesting Delhi elections from Kirshna Nagar, one of the safest seat for BJP in Delhi, against APP candidate SK Bagga.

With just five days to go in Delhi polls we can expect both the major parties (BJP and AAP) to unravel more points from their closet.

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