Delhi Elections: AAP Kejriwal sweeps Congress BJP out of capital

Arvind Kejriwal and Dr Kumar Vishwas after winning Delhi Elections 2015

Delhi election results are out, and Kejriwal has proved himself yet again by winning with a 2/3 majority votes in Delhi, swiping BJP and Congress off the floor. There has been this buzz going around that Kiran Bedi may prove to be a fatal weapon against AAP, but it surely has turned out the other way round with Arvind Kejriwal winning with the maximum number of votes.

“This may be a historic day! The juggernaut likely to halt. David likely to overcome Goliath,” AAP’s Yogendra Yadav had tweeted referring PM Narendra Modi. PM Modi has personally called AAP leader Kejriwal and wished him congratulations on his victory.

Delhi has shown the BJP that the government may need to rethink their strategies and try to work on their promises else the next time it will be the country that AAP will take over. Kiran Bedi also commented on her loss that even though she got the votes, people weren’t with her yet she thanks them all for their support.

Rahul Gandhi is also suspected to have voted for AAP. When Kejriwal heard of this, he invited Rahul to join the party, but on one condition that he could only dance to the tunes of ‘5 saal only Kejriwal’.

People of Delhi seem to have chosen to go with the real life Nayak and chose him as the man to alter their bad conditions. The whole nation will be watching Kejriwal, and he may even give Modi a rivalry if the Prime Minister doesn’t watch his back and start delivering.

The reason that AAP won the elections by so many votes even after Arvind Kejriwal resigned from his post of CM only after 49 days are many to be even list. But amidst all, Kejriwal has promised free wi-fi, more employment and more CCTV cameras for women protection. Now, we have to see whether he delivers on his promises or not.

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