Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal excited to return and resume work


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is excited to return to resume work after a 10-day vacation. Kejriwal, who was suffering from cough problem, is expected to be discharged from Jindal Nature Cure Institute, Bangalore, on Monday.

“Cough gone, sugar under control. Feeling fresh n fit. Am excited to return to resume work,” tweeted Kejriwal.

Kejriwal has been seen coughing severely in recent days. In fact, his cough problem was so vividly noted that several trolls surfaced the internet and advertisements on Kejriwal with his coughing problem.

After getting treated, he thanked Dr. Sitaram Jindal, who founded the Jindal Nature Cure Institute back in 1978. Dr. Jindal treated Kejriwal’s cough problem, asthma-related problems and high blood sugar level.

“Grateful 2 Jindal institute, its docs, staff. Congratulations 2 Sitaram ji for setting up such a wonderful institute n running it so well,” he tweeted.


The Delhi Cheif Minister went to Dr. Jindal on 5 March this year and is expected to resume the work by 17 March. In his absence, Manish Sisodia was the acting Chief Minister. Moreover, doctors said that the Delhi CM still needs to take precaution including diet and exercise or the problem might sprout again.

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