See Pic: People amazed by the dazzling fireball meteor that lit up the night sky of New England

A dazzling fireball was seen flashing in the night sky above the New England’s Massachusetts area. Many suspect it to be a meteor, but nothing has been confirmed about mysterious flashing object yet. The cosmic object was recorded by webcam in Maine’s Mount Agamenticus Conservation Region at around 5:52 p.m. Many skywatchers and nighttime strollers were amazed and spell-bounded after watching the flashing fireball in the night sky.

Many took to Twitter and described the vent as a “ball of light” that was “fiery” with “a greenish glow. Others said that they saw a blue flash of light that was very bright. A WCVB Facebook user said, ‘I saw a bright blue flash while I was out shoveling, then a fireball like missile pass over me,” an astronomer told the Herald that the bright flashing object was possibly a meteor that was about the size of a golf ball and it was cruising through the night sky at between 10 and 30 miles per second before burning up in the atmosphere.

But, according to Kenneth Janes, an astronomy professor emeritus at Boston University, he doesn’t think that the meteor was part of a meteor shower. He said that the last meteor shower occurred about 10 days ago and the next one is not until January. The last meteor shower that he was talking about was the Geminid meteor shower that picked on 13-14 December. Many also believe that the bright flashing fireball might be a meteorite that might have fallen somewhere on Earth. But Janes said that the meteor likely burned up before hitting the ground and it was probably small. If it had hit the ground, it would have made a tremendous explosion upon impact.

Also, the meteor was traveling between 10 and 25 miles above Earth, thus keeping it out of range of aircraft. The ones that would do really serious damage are rare, but not impossible. These are simply bits of rock in orbit around the sun. These occur every day somewhere on the earth, said James. Meteors are the leftover debris or dust of a comet that gets burned up once it enters the atmosphere of the Earth. The debris itself is called the meteoroid. And the part of the meteoroid that reaches the Earth’s surface before getting burnt up is called a meteorite.

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