Daily 30 minutes exercise can cut the risk of heart failure

Daily 30 minutes exercise can cut the risk of heart failure

Keeping the heart healthy is very important for all, as heart diseases are very tough to cure. Heart failure is the widespread health issue which ultimately leads the heart patients to death. In this condition, heart muscles do not pump enough blood, and the body does not get proper oxygen via the blood circulation.

You can alter the risk of troubled heart health by dedicating just 30 minutes to yourself. The new research has discovered that you can keep heart failure risk at bay by exercising for 30 minutes around five times a week. The study claims that regular exercising can slow the ageing of heart, prevent the further heart failure and reverse the damage.

Dr Benjamin Levine who is Director of the Institute and Professor at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Also, the lead author of the study, he stated that on the basis of a group of studies performed by the research team over the past five years, this exercise routine had become his prescription for life. He thinks people should be ready to do exercise as part of their personal hygiene simply like cleaning the teeth and bathing.

He further added that we get the high pressure and the heart chamber doesn’t fill as well with blood when the muscle hardens. Also, the blood can reverse up into the lungs in some of the most critical conditions. In such situation, heart failure occurs. This happens more often with those people who do not include fitness regime into their lifestyle.


The study was published in the journal Circulation. Meanwhile, for the research, participants were divided into two groups. One group received two-year exercise training, and another group received yoga and balance training. The exercise course was consist of 30-minute session four to five times a week including warm-up and cool-down. During the research, all the participants were observed keenly.

Furthermore, the findings recorded that people who exercised adequately without cheating on the fitness sessions showed the 18 percent increase in their highest oxygen intake through exercise and above 25 percent improvement in elasticity or compliance of the left ventricular muscle of the heart.


With the proper exercise, you need to consume the appropriate diet too. Include nuts, berries, oats and legumes in the diet, all the four elements are great for heart health. Along with it, avoid excessive consumption of salt and alcohol, avoid saturated fats and reduce the consumption of unsaturated fats. Increasing the intake of fibre and protein is also beneficial for heart health. Therefore, complement your exercising sessions with the healthy diet for efficient outcomes.

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