Cyber Criminals are targeting Apple Inc: says Symantec

Apple Inc.- The TeCake

Hacking has now become a  trend and a sign of distinction(esp for hackers), even the most renowned Cupertino giant, Apple Inc. is not spared by the hackers. A security solutions firm, Symantec revealed in a report that cybercriminals are increasingly targeting Apple devices like iPhone and iPad as these products gain popularity among consumers arounf the worls, including US and India.

“Apple devices have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. According to IDC, the company now accounts for 13.5 percent of global smartphone shipments and 7.5 percent of global PC shipments. This increase in usage has not gone unnoticed by attackers. A rising number of threat actors have begun developing specific malware designed to infect devices running OS X or iOS,” Symantec Director Solutions Product Management (Asia Pacific and Japan) Tarun Kaura said.

It has been recorded that Apple run-down is 13.5 % of global Smartphone market and 7.5 % for PC. According to Symantec, 2016 will see a rise in these attacks because of “free from malware” note. When compared to other competitive companies, these incident can be brushed of,f but are harmful for overall market prestige. Recently, China faced the biggest attack in September 2015, when bogus version of Xcode software, used for creating iOS and Mac apps affected hundreds of millions of users.

Apple spokeswoman, Christine Monaghan, announced that they have removed the counterfeit software from the App Store, still, it can influence other hackers to develop software for writing under legitimate apps. Before this attack, only five malicious have been found in app store. Despite company’s stringent app review process, it seems like Apple needs to change the “free from malware” perception.

As consumers are more eager to buy smart watches, activity trackers, holographic headsets, and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices, it has become a  more pressing issue for improving security for better results. The time has come for Apple to showcase their real potential especially in hacking and prove the world  that they are the smartest and most talented Tech-giant.

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