Cyber crime cases receive annual hike of 40% in India, says reports

Cyber Crime India 40 percent

As per the reports from the Home Ministry India, number of cases registered under the cyber law act have gained a hike of 40% over the period of last two years. The reports that have been published by the government, clearly depicts a steep rise of cyber crimes cases that involve credit card and banking frauds and other offenses. Figures state that there were nearly 22,060 cases in the year 2012, and in the year 2013 it jumped to 71,780 cases. This can be of very much concern as cases related to banking frauds are in the majority here.

With sophisticated tricks and tools available to everybody, hackers have been able to trick innocent users in the giving up their credentials for the banking and other important accounts. Despite the several security measures at these websites, hackers manage to steal the money right under nose of the user.

Other than the banking frauds, a number of attacks were also registered on the Indian websites and over a period of last two years there has been a significant increase in it. As per the reports, most of the attacks came from Pakistan and defaced websites usually had offensive messages for India. 

Banks often send out security guidelines along with the tips about not sharing the password with anybody, still hackers manage to get that out.

With a strong law and enforcement policy over it, the country is also in need of education about growing cyber crimes and common ways to fight them.

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