Cyanogen receives huge funding for Google-free Android OS

Cyanogen is gearing up for a war against Google to take away the Android from it. According to report several corporates have come forward and provided the Cyanogen with approximately $50 million to build an Android version that is completely free from the Google. Twitter Ventures, Qualcomm and many more are a part of this.

Apparently, the amount will be spent on hiring new engineers on the board, that will help make Android more open and a technologically advanced operating system. Google, since it acquired Android from Andy Rubin few years back, has been providing it with pre-installed apps of its services. Apart from the highly modified Android builds, Google has never brought in other apps as a part of their builds.

However, Cyanogen and few other companies are changing the way it has always been. Blu, a hardware company, which is also developing a Google-less Android smartphone, is relying on other services such as Dropbox, Outlook and others to replace the existing Google applications. The company is also in talks to bring the Cyanogen build on the device.

Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster said, “We’re putting a bullet through Google’s head.” The six-year-old company with this round of funding has raised nearly $110, which will be used to develop the OS even further.

It is without a doubt that the stock from Google and custom built Android from other companies is still in the majority, and Cyanogen OS is limited to few of the smartphones, including OnePlus One. The question arises, whether Cyanogen OS will be able to compete with the Internet giant, and what Google is going to do to win this war before its even started.

Everything is initial stages, and apparently Google will initiate new plans to stop Cyanogen from taking away its prized possession.

Cyanogen, with Micromax YU Yureka, is establishing its roots in Indian smartphone market too. It is being loved, however, availability has become an issue for its reach.

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