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Cyanogen Inc to shife Seattle team to Palo Alto, co-founder Kondik leaves

Cyanogen Inc

Confirming the rumours Cyanogen Inc revealed that it is closing their Seattle office. Earlier, this week, the company announced in a blog post that they are planning to merge their units into one office in Palo Alto, California. It is also offering their Seattle employees an option to shift to Palo Alto. Cyanogen has also noted in the post that the changes are to “improve the communication and performance of the team which will now operate under one roof.”

The announcement is not done yet, as the co-founder of the company, Steve Kondik is leaving the company. He is known for creating CyanogenMod. Kondik has published a Google+ post earlier this week, in which he stated some issues going on at the firm. The issues were mostly internal, and having to do with Kirt McMaster, the company’s CEO at one time and now Executive Chairman. Kondik also blames McMaster for the failure.

However, he didn’t utter a word regarding his future plans, though he mentioned that he might go back to the CaynogenMod and re-launch the ROM after some crowdsourcing.

Falling lights on the records, Cyanogen Inc has faced some losses in last few months, and it might be financial reasons to shut down the Seattle facility. The reason, given to stakeholders, might be to withhold them to the company, but it will definitely fortify them by combining into one central location.

The Cyanogen Inc came into existence in September 2013, after separating from the Open Source CyanogenMod. The company has first partnered with OnePlus for their Cyanogen OS in OnePlus One smartphone, but the collaboration didn’t work well. Later, OnePlus started making their own operating system and Caynogen Inc has started targeting cheap and emerging brands like Yu Televentures to sell in large batches. That hasn’t really worked out well for them either.

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