CRISPR has been in the news headline for the long time now. Many reports even said that CRISPR is capable to copy and paste one gene to another. This clearly meant that scientists can now erase all human cell diseases by producing new genes. This can even prevent genetic disorders. However not all reports are true.

On November 2016, CRISPR was trialled for the first time on human lung cancer patients. However, it won’t be wrong to state that even with all its potential, it is still a new technology. A lot of research is to be done. It is a new technique and has the potential to cause a side effect. However, the good news is that scientists think that they might have found an off switch which can track this tool to some extent.

A weapon of viruses could be used to turn off the world’s most powerful gene-editing tool, CRISPR. The process is still in research mode. But this discovery can reduce the risk of CRISPR cas9 technology. It can rule out the utilization of wrong genes and introduce genetic changes in human.

Recently, in a new research scientists have discovered that a tiny protein is capable of shutting off the system and though in a small amount, this protein is present in human body. It is basically a single protein that can be produced or injected into the body of an individual to stop this system from altering any further DNA properties.

CRISPR cas9 system is a powerful tool. It is capable of alternating DNA properties of an individual and makes a duplicate gene of those same properties. In fact, with CRISPR cas9 doctors, one day will be capable to edit human embryos and find out the root of genetic disorders. Even the cancer producing cells can be alters and changed with new cells with the help of this device.


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