License of 4,470 entities have been cancelled by the government. This action against wronged NGOs also includes a number of universities.

Union Home Ministry has decided to prevent these entities from taking foreign funds. Under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, the registration of these entities is cancelled. Examination of activities like allegedly non-filling of annual returns and other anomalies was done.

The officials have said that the licenses were not cancelled abruptly. Foreign Division of Home Ministry had given proper notice to these entities and they had sufficient time before their FCRA license was cancelled.

Punjab University , Gargi College, Lady Irwin College, Vikram Sarabhai Foundation, Gujarat National Law University are some organizations whose FCRA license has been cancelled.

In April, nearly 9000 NGOs were canceled due to the violation of Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. Following the cessation Green Peace activist Priya Pillai’s activity by off boarding her when she was going to address the British Parliamentarians at London, the centre had blocked Green Peace bank’s accounts in April

The environmental group had sought interim relief from the Delhi High Court. Government had ordered in April that the funds from US-based Ford Foundation will not be released by any bank to any Indian NGO. To do so, it requires mandatory permission of Home Ministry. Cancellation process of 4,470 NGO started on May 6 and a many as 971 were de-registered today.

Five NGOs were de-registered on May 5, 9 NGOs on May 7, 318 NGOs on May 8, 248 NGOs on May 11, 428 NGOs on May 12, 139 NGOs on May 13, 38 NGOs on May 14, 189 NGOs on May 27, 68 NGOs on May 29, 528 NGOs on Jun 1, 330 NGOs on June 2, 407 NGOs on June 3, 792 NGOs on June 4 and 971 NGOs on June 9


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