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Cover Fire MOD APK: The Free shooting game!

The game, Cover Fire MOD APK, is extremely suitable for those who love to play shooting games. Specifically this game has a great plot story and will not let you get bored over the weekends. This game is stuffed with lot’s of excellent features making it one of the best shooting games amongst the other games. Moreover, the APK version comes with further unlocked features for free. Therefore, read more about this game and its features in this article and get this awesome game today in your smart phones free of cost. Enjoy your weekends by showing off your shooting skills!


Name Cover Fire MOD APK
Genre Action, Shooting
Size 300 Mb
OS Android 4.1
Publisher Genera Games
Version V 1.21.14
MOD Features Available, Unlimited Money
Price Free
Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.generagames.resistance

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The story line of Cover Fire MOD APK will definitely make you sink in this game. It has got an excellent story as well as awesome game play. This game delivers thrilling shooting experiences with in-depth game play, practical mechanics, and engaging modes, enabling you to completely immerse yourself in the thrilling shootouts.

Grab your favorite guns and fight the apocalypse going on in this game. Complete your missions using the guns you chose and show off your shooting skills. Discover a battle planet where no nation survives and the poor people are governed by a dictatorial company. Take on the game’s epic sniper tasks while loving the awesome mobile FPS game play.

Moreover, you can play this game offline as well hence this can be played even when you lack mobile network or data! Similarly, to know more about the features of this game go through the whole article. This unique genre of game will boost your weekends and free time and will save one from getting bored!

Story Line:

The story line of a game is often a factor in determining the game’s appeal as well as its unique significance.
As a result, everybody is curious about this question before installing and playing the game. Cover Fire has a modern, but distinct, plot.

The game takes us to an universe filled with enigmatic hues. Tetracorp is forming a force with the aim of capturing the whole world. Around the same time, we – the opposition groups – made each attempt to use our innate ability to combat the forces of darkness.

Play three characters and vary between using their specialized weapons and abilities to solve various scenarios. You must not only monitor the players, but also employ troops to form a squad of multiple missions.

Game Play:

The story of this game will make one get completely drown in its game play. To accomplish numerous challenging missions, we must hire a large arsenal. This game’s HD graphics, in particular, offer a truly realistic and interactive interface.

The dazzling battle scenes of fog in the air provide gamers with opportunities that no other game can match.
With the various weapons, which are divided into unique features for each form, the combat style is often extremely detailed.

3D feature is embedded in this game which gives a realistic experience to the gamers. Now you can shoot with extreme accuracy and sensitivity!


1. Weapons:

To win the game, choose your weapons wisely. The guns in the games are based on real life weapons like AK 47 or AWM. This will make you more attached to the game!

The controls are smooth as butter. Since, the controls on the smartphones are bit difficult than that on the PCs, the manufacturers of the game have managed it in a better way. Hence, you can now show off your skills in a better way!

So, choose your weapons wisely, because you will be the one in the battle ground facing the enemies. Adjust the sensitivity of your weapons according to your skills and defeat the opponent in the best possible way!

2. Build your Own Squad:

Create a strong killer team with a variety of players, each with their very own set of knowledge and competencies.

Choose skilled attackers to penetrate the enemy’s computing lines, a sniper to take down vital objectives from afar, someone else to take the initiative, and you, with your clever military thinking, to lead the team.

Take on several opponents in a variety of scenarios while enjoying the excellent sniper game play.

3. Play Offline As well:

You might have played many shooting games or action games like free fire or PUBG. But all these games comes with the drawback that it can only be played online.

But you can now play this game offline as well when you do not have the access to internet or mobile network. This is one of the salient features of this game. Develop your skills while playing offline and defeat your enemies easily while playing online.

4. Online Tournaments:

You can now have the chance to feel like a veteran through this game. As you advance, feel free to play with friends and online gamers. You’ll be thrown into thrilling journeys and epic multiplayer shooter missions.

And after you’ve completed the offline challenges, the game will not stop playing. Instead, you can even have a great time with online competitions, which offer a variety of unique and relaxing interactions.

5. Excellent Graphics:

This game was most likely selected by the game’s publisher. Cover Fire is an exceptionally high-quality FPS game with detailed in-game scenarios that adopt modern graphics technologies.

You’ll be totally engrossed in the game, as well as loving its impressive mechanics, which make any move sound more natural.

Also, this has to be noted that the exclusive delayed animations can make the gaming a lot more enjoyable and visually appealing.

6. Sounds:

Along with excellent graphics, this game comes with excellent audio quality as well. you can still immerse yourself in thrilling shooter battles in the game, complete with believable and amazing in-game encounters.

MOD Features:

With Cover Fire Mod Apk, you will be provided with unlimited money and golds that you can use to purchase your favorite weapons, customize yourself etc. Moreover, you  do not have to spend any money. Just download this application and you will be already provided with all the money and gold that you will require.

How to Download:

  • Firstly, uninstall the already download Game from the play store.
  • Secondly, download this game from the link given below in this article.
  • Now, select the option from the settings to allow your device to download from unknown sources.
  • And now install the downloaded game in your smartphone.
  • Also install the OBB file to get additional features in the game.
  • Finally, the app with all the Unlocked features is ready to play.


As you have read all about this game, you must have now got a fair idea about this game and its features. This is one of the best online action cum battle game that can be played online as well as offline.

This game is similar to that of the other shooting games yet can be considered better amongst all. The game is completely stuffed with features like excellent weapons, online tournaments, offline battles etc.

The graphics are also provided at its best with better sound quality! Along with that VIP Features are unlocked giving you unlimited coins and golds so that you do not have to spend money from your pocket.

So, download this game using the link provided below and show off your shooting skills.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is this game available free of cost?

Yes, this game is absolutely available free of cost along with free coins and golds.

2. Is this game safe to use?

Yes, definitely this game is 100% safe to use.

3. Will the adds disturb while playing this game?

No adds will pop up while playing this game.

4. Can I share my account with other users?

No, only one account can be used by one user.

5. Are there any chances of this game getting banned?

As of now there are no chances of this game getting banned. But play this game carefully.

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