Country witnessing undeclared democracy: Congress

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In a recent interview, Senior BJP leader LK Advani did not show confidence to believe that the emergency would not happen again and this reverberated in the lanes of political arena and is seen as a direct indictment of Modi government.

JD (U), RJD and Left have called Advani’s stance as a direct attack on Prime Minister. However, AAP leader Ashutosh called it the ‘first indictment of Modi politics’.

Arvind Kejriwal also expressed his stance on Advani’s advice and tweeted “Advani ji is correct in saying that emergency can’t be ruled out. Is Delhi their first experiment?”

Ashutosh said that Advani’s reference is to the unsafe democracy in Modi’s hands. According to Ashutosh when Advani talked about the shifting of BJP’s idols from those of Mookerji, Atal and Upadhyaya towards one person-centric policy, he was correct in pointing so.

Advani had said that he does not see any reason to believe that civil liberties would not be crushed or there would not be an emergency. According to Advani, the forces which can crush constitutional safeguards and democracy are stronger at present.

RJD chief Lalu and Bihar chief Minister Nitish Kumar were the first to react to Advani’s interview. Both were jailed during the emergency 40 years ago.

Lalu said that Advani’s statement is testimony to the fact that their concerns for flourishing anti-democratic elements have not taken place in vacuum and that there is an undeclared emergency already present in the nation due to Union government’s activities.

He tagged centre’s activities as Hitelrian and authoritarian. Kumar also agreed to Advani and said that his concerns are valid and discernible given the emergency like situation that they face daily. The left parties also joined in saying that Advani is a senior politician and remarks made by him makes it very clear that the democracy in the country is stake.

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