Cosmic crash is the reason behind origin of Gold; Researchers say

comic crash

A new study has revealed some interesting facts regarding the origin of Gold. As per the sources, astronomers have conducted a depth research work on a cosmic crash which had happened 130 million years ago. In August scientists discovered that crash signal and had given some significant information about it on Monday.  The data will also reveal some secrets of the cosmos.

Long years back, two stars collided with each other in a galaxy named NGC 4993 in the Hydra constellation. After the collision, it sent some strong gravitational waves. The waves were then detected by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave observatories (LIGO), situated in the US. Recently, the founder of LIGO was honored with a Nobel Prize. The waves were also picked up by another detector, called Virgo situated in Italy produced after the collision of two black holes. The Hubble Space Telescope also captured the powerful light of the collision.

David Reitz from the California Institute of Technology termed the collision as greatest and spectacular fireworks show in the universe.

The data collected from the light and gravitational waves produced from that collision will help the scientists discover new facts like the origin of gamma rays and origin of Gold. The study will help to find out the speed of Universe’s expansion process. There are many secrets lie within the discovery, said Physics Professor Szabolcs Marka of Columbia University.

According to Professor Duncan Brown of Syracuse University, the findings are now informing the scientists what they are looking for. He termed this study as the fantasy observation. The collision was so powerful that, the weight of a small matter might be 1 billion tons, said astronomer Maria Drout of Carnegie Institute.  The crash of two neutron stars- Kilonova may have triggered some chemical changes in the universe, and that chemical changes may be the reason behind the formation of gold, silver, uranium, and platinum.

130 million years ago, when dinosaurs still lived on the Earth, the collision took place. But the signals that were produced from the crash took 130 million light-years to reach Earth, and the signals ware detected on August 17. One light year covers 5.88 trillion miles. In 1916, the Gravitational waves had first predicted by Albert Einstein.  Two years ago, gravitational waves were detected by the scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology and the California Institute of Technology. The waves were coming from two black holes. The findings have helped to confirm the theory of relativity by Einstein.

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