Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ launched; Delivers superior protection from scratch and crash

Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ launched; Delivers a superior protection from scratch and crash

The journey of the one-and-half year for developing a Corning glass that carries crash protection of Gorilla Glass and scratch resistance of Glass manufacturer Corning finally come to an end, on this Tuesday. Tuesday, during an event, Corning announced about the finishing of the project of inventing Gorilla glasses from wearable with a crash and scratches protection and launched new Gorilla glass for wearable on the same day.

The groundbreaking novelty – Corning® Gorilla® Glass SR+ is specifically designed to defense the screens of wearable from scratches and crash and improve the quality of outdoor readability.

Before one and half year, Corning has reported commencing an innovative research on developing Gorilla glasses that can protect the screens of wearable and make them safe and defensive against scratches and crash with the association of Sapphire. Bringing this long operated project, Corning on Tuesday introduced Gorilla Glass SR+ to for screen protection in wearable devices.

As per Corning, Gorilla Glass SR+ not just gives up to 70% better harm resistance against effects but also has 25% preferable surface reflection over its options. These components do put forth a solid defense for the utilization of glass in wearable as these gadgets need to confront continually circumstances where their roughness is put to the test.

During the launch event of Gorilla Glass SR+, the company said that the lessening in surface reflection would provide the wearable higher outdoor readability and longer battery life. In an infographic provided by Corning, the company claims that SR+ offers high-end scratch confrontation than standard Gorilla Glass like 4 and 5.

Gorilla Glass SR+ is now available in the commercial market and is expected to utilize in wearable gadgets by leading manufacturers later this year.

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