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A former MP and Samajwadi Party (SP ) leader had gone to the house of slain journalist to offer condolences, but he has now been accused of trying to silence and scare his family.

Mithilesh Kumar, who had visited his wife and children, told them that the ministers cannot do such thing.

“Had the police wanted they could have burnt your father inside the police station”, said Mithilesh Kumar according to the members present there.

The locals who were present at the scene were agitated by such word and pushed the minister out and chased him away.

Mithilesh Kumar has rejected the accusations and said that he had gone there to offer his condolences not to infuriate the crowd. He has put the burden of blame on BJP.

The journalist; Jagendra Singh was allegedly burnt alive by police personnel. According to Jagendra Singh’s family the police had burnt him on the orders of Ram Murti Verma, a minister in Akhilesh Yadav’s government.  The journalist had carried a campaign on social media against that minister and presumably this is the reason, the minister subjected him to the horrific ordeal

The younger son of the journalist, Rahul said that the SP leader claimed in from of them that they cannot get him arrested just by filing a case. Rahul added that the minister also warned them to keep the interests of the family in mind rather than being carried away.
Telling about the accusation of  ‘ blackmailer’ on his father by the minister, Rahul told to see their bank accounts and standard of living and then decide if they appear to be blackmailers.

While the criticism has been rising, its pressure has led the district police chief Babloo Kumar to suspend a sub-inspector, assistant sub-inspector and two constables who were a part of raid team that went to journalist’s house to arrest him.

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